Monday, January 13, 2014

Two New Layouts for Chloe's Album!

I used the same Let's Scrap sketch for both of these pages and took very different takes on them!  

This first one is of Chloe (a few months before she turned two) swinging on the new swingset we'd gotten for her and Alex.  She was in absolute heaven and would just stare up into the sky and seemed to be pretending to fly.  I did some hand stitching around the title and added flags on the right side.

This one is from Russ and I's wedding (same year as the one above).  Chloe was too little to be our flower girl, so she did her best to get as much attention as possible otherwise.  She was adorable.  I'm not terribly thrilled how this one came out, it looked different in my head and just would not come together.  Once I put the stickers on, I was (for lack of a better word) "stuck" with it, but I'm letting it go.  She loves it.

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